Principal's Message

We are thrilled to welcome you back (or welcome you for the first time) to the 2019-2020 school year here at Richard E. Miller I want to begin by saying thank you to each and every one of you for providing us the opportunity to teach your children each day.  It is a responsibility that we take very seriously at R.E.M. as each day provides us another opportunity to positively impact the academic and social education of our future leaders. 

For those of you that are returning to our community, I’m sure you have noticed a few changes with the dismissal process.  I want to thank you for your cooperation during this change.  To explain the process fully, these changes were made to assure student safety as it is extremely important that we are able to account for each and every student each day and for us to know how they are getting home and who they are going home with.  Depending on how students get home, they will be issued a colored card (pink- car pick up or daycare pickup in car-bay, salmon- kindergarten/kinder sibling, blue-bus rider, green-Kidspace, purple-walker).  Your child is responsible to carry their colored card to the gate they exit and must hand it to a staff member to collect it before leaving the gate.  Parents/Guardians, if your child is changing their dismissal procedure, it is important that you inform your child’s teacher as early as possible when your student is changing dismissal for the day.  If your teacher is not informed of the change by the authorized parent/guardian, it is not possible for us to change the students dismissal plan for the day.  Thank you for your cooperation and for continuing to support student safety. 

In order to stay informed on the many exciting things taking place on our campus, please be sure to check our school calendar for dates on our website, Peachjar (which can be accessed on our school web page), Facebook, and our marquee.  Please also join us and learn how you may be able to participate in our community through becoming a parent volunteer, PTO member, Site Council member, or by simply participating in school wide events…we love having you here!  At Richard E. Miller we understand the importance of working together as a community, and want to assure that our community continues to operate as a partnership.  Our school is a neighborhood school built on solid community, and your participation helps us keep that going!

Our school wide vision is Reaching.Every.Mind. to be the best, expect the best, get the best.  Our Vision is 20/20.  We are looking forward to a fabulous school year ahead!

Your grateful and proud principal,

Ms. Wilber